Banjo & Matilda, Inc (OTCQB: BANJ)

Banjo & Matilda. Inc (OTCQB: BANJ) is a publicly traded holding company initially for the digital only lifestyle luxury brand Banjo & Matilda.   As a publicly traded company, Banjo & Matilda, Inc serves an emerging growth market of digital only luxury lifestyle brands, and enabling public investors to participate in the growth of this attractive sector.


About Banjo & Matilda

Banjo & Matilda – A born online luxury brand, at non-luxury prices. from Banjo Matilda on Vimeo.

Banjo & Matilda is an e-commerce only, new luxury lifestyle brand at uninflated prices.

Banjo & Matilda was founded by Australian born Creative Director Belynda Macpherson in 2009, after an extensive career in publicity, fashion publishing and marketing. Prior company’s where Belynda worked include Grazia, Harpers Bazaar and Maddison fashion magazines, major film studios including Warner Brothers, Universal Studios and Columbia Tri­Star Pictures; and, the Australian tourism industry marketing body Tourism Australia. Belynda also founded her own publicity firm “Global Artist” which she successfully sold to a larger group in 2002.

Belynda identified the emerging casualization of the luxury fashion market and combined her passion for cashmere, the Australian beach lifestyle and frustration over the lack of accessible quality cashmere to create a new, more relevant luxury brand. One that was born on line as a direct to consumer e­-commerce model thereby eliminating the unnecessary margin’s that department and specialty stores take, enabling the brand to focus on a luxury quality product, but without inflated luxury prices.

Originally inspired by the iconic Bondi Beach surroundings of its creative studios, Banjo & Matilda launched its first cashmere knitwear collection in 2009.  Big on quality and small on pretense, Banjo & Matilda cashmere sweaters are spun with natural and ethically sourced yarns from goats in the highest mountains of Inner Mongolia, putting a little bespoke ‘love’ into each garment with their signature XX logo hand-stitched into each right-hand corner.